A framework for developers that reaches any device, anywhere.

  • Role: Creative Illustrator Animator
  • Client: Tapquo
Examples of the designs made for this consultancy firm on desktop and mobile.

Lungo is a tool for developing cross-platform mobile applications. It's one of Tapquo's products, a powerful startup from Bilbao, Spain. For the launch of the new version of the tool, they wanted to have a short video to communicate the benefits of the product, emphasizing the new possibility of publishing for smart TVs. On this project I was able to work on everything, from creation to execution, except for the background music and the unbeatable voice-overs by Jordi Torregrosa and Marcus Giovanni.

The script was conceived with the idea of highlighting the ubiquity of the tool: a unique development that connects all devices, a way to make your work reach any place, a way of working anywhere in the world, reaching different landscapes along the planet... And thinking on the sequence I realized that until a few years ago, television was the only device that allowed us to travel the world without leaving the living room.

The video, both in Spanish and English, was used to promote the tool globally.

Once done the script, the storyboard was fairly quick to shape and, in this case, the final result differed little.

The design and illustration of scenes was the most laborious part of the project as it was essential to create a beautiful sequence of postcards. Each scene was an illustrated piece itself. The idea of making the light vary alongside with the scenes (from the morning light at the beach to the full moon night conceived for the mountain scene) required special attention to light and colour.

Still image from Lungo video, by Teo Ardoy.
Still image from Lungo video, by Teo Ardoy.
Still image from Lungo video, by Teo Ardoy.
Still image from Lungo video, by Teo Ardoy.

Illustration ought to give a sense of depth using different planes as 3D images were not used at all.

The animation process was long but simple. The most complex task was to adjust the timings of each sequence with the music and voice overs to keep the video 60 seconds long.

Key responsibilities:
  • Conception of different video ideas.

  • Creation of storyboards detailing action and copy for each sequence.

  • Illustration of the different video scenes.

  • Project management to balance client requirements and production needs.

  • Motion graphic design and video production.

  • Sound design, mixing and editing sound FXs, voice over and background music.

Software used:

    • Pen & paper
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • After Effects
    • Cubase