The decentralized bitcoin exchange.

  • Role: Creative Illustrator Animator
  • Client: Coinffeine

Cryptocurrencies definitely are a complete different way of understanding monetary transactions and it's continuosly evolving, with its many ups and down. Coinffeine is even more unique as it's a decentralised tool that allows users to buy and sell bitcoins securely and anonymously without having to rely on a centralized exchange.

The client contacted me to help them promote the tool with a motion graphics video. The main challenge was to come up with a piece that was both promotional and explanatory. Different concepts were proposed and the agreed one had a mix of inspiring scenes and step by step explanations.

Given that Coinffeine is a peer-to-peer network, connecting individuals and businesses around the world, the video relies on a plural and inclusive tone, while keeping certain corporate elements. Art direction was focused on a bright palette, with special attention to lighting and depth.

Still image from Coinffeine video, by Teo Ardoy.
Still image from Coinffeine video, by Teo Ardoy.
Still image from Coinffeine video, by Teo Ardoy.

Transitions gave a sense of depth using 3D scenes combined with 2D illustrations.

The video, both in Spanish and English, was used to promote and explain the tool globally.

In order to create the video, concepts and storyboards were shared with the client.

Once a route was agreed, I illustrated all the different scenes and exported quick demos with them (these were really helpful while testing voiceover's lenght!). After that came the main animation process, adjusting the different scenes and transitions to the given voiceovers.

Key responsibilities:
  • Conception of different video and script ideas.

  • Creation of storyboards detailing action, messages and transitions for each sequence.

  • Illustration of the different video scenes.

  • Project management to balance client requirements, production needs and voiceover direction.

  • Motion graphic design and video production.

  • Sound editing.

Software used:

    • Brain, pen & paper
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • After Effects
    • Adobe Audition